A weekend in Maribor

My trip last year made me realize that there are so my places in the world to see and some of them are close to home. So now I am trying to take a weekend off from time to time to visit a new place in my vicinity. Last year it was Zagreb and this year it was Maribor.

I had found an online travel guide that had suggestions for a one day trip. Which was perfect since my weekend was not going to be much longer. I took the bus from Vienna to Maribor and arrived there in the early afternoon. My hostel, the Hotel Uni, was only a 10 minute walk from the bus station and right in the center. From there I started my city tour.

The first thing I noticed was that the whole center was a pedestrian zone. Still, not so many people walking around for a center though. Overall the whole place had an abandoned feeling to it. Maybe because everyone was skiing? It would explain at least the couple of people running around in anorak.

My walk took me around the whole center of Maribor within 2 hours. I was a bit perplexed that I had seen it all already. The city had a distinct “Austrian” feeling, no wonder since it had been part of the Empire once. Beautiful old buildings and a Castle, that was built in the 15th century and now houses the national museum. There I found a treasure trove of really old things, all the more appreciated since I had just read the book about Hadrian’s Wall. The museum was fun and interactive with a chance to put on a real knight’s armor (not me though).

City Castle @Maribor, Slovenia

Main Square with town hall, and plague monument @Maribor, Slovenia

Detail of the plague monument @Maribor, Slovenia

beautiful houses on the Main Square @Maribor, Slovenia

Old Bridge (1913) @Maribor, Slovenia

Vine house with oldest vine in the world @Maribor, Slovenia

small street @Maribor, Slovenia

Old Bridge (1913) with skiing area in the back @Maribor, Slovenia

synagogue @Maribor, Slovenia

Roman glass vase from 2nd century AD @castle @Maribor, Slovenia

staircase of the Castle @Maribor, Slovenia

Maribor Cathedral @Maribor, Slovenia

I spent the rest of daylight walking around to look for an interesting dinner place which I found in the restaurant Rozmarin. Stylish from the outside, very friendly service (so weird though that I was called Madam the whole time) and an excellent kitchen. With the help of my waiter I settled on a three-course meal with the option of dessert. Throughly happy with my meal and the accompanying Slovenian wine, I walked to my hostel and I called it a night.

dining room @Rozmarin @Maribor, Slovenia

menu @Rozmarin @Maribor, Slovenia

sesame tiger prawns @Rozmarin @Maribor, Slovenia

Fish soup @Rozmarin @Maribor, Slovenia

Wild fish @ Rozmarin @Maribor, Slovenia

Dessert choice @Rozmarin @Maribor, Slovenia

The next morning after a strong double espresso I walked to the City Park the only sight still unseen from my online guide. The park includes three ponds and expands over five hectares. Not too shabby for a city park of such a small city. I started walking and around the second pond I saw a little chapel from afar. Since my dinner last night was more than generous my guilty conscience made me walk up there. It looked closer from the pond and was confirmed by the pedometer but it felt forever to get up there. It was not that far to walk, just a bit steep.

City Park @Maribor, Slovenia

City park with one of the three ponds @Maribor, Slovenia

small chapel after City Park @Maribor, Slovenia

small chapel @Maribor, Slovenia

After this more than ambitious morning exercise it was time for a last lunch in Maribor which I had at the restaurant Pri Treh Ribnikih. I had a recommendation from my online guide and the hostel concierge for it. The place was busy and most tables were reserved but they found a place for me in the main dining room. I wish they hadn’t though.

The menu sounded delicious and also looked good but the food was more mediocre. The three-course meal was forgettable at best, mashed potatoes made with margarine are just an abomination. Yours, Pollybert

pork fillet with caramelized apples and horseradish @Maribor, Slovenia

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