A day in San Marino

Going to a new country is always exciting. San Marino was no exception. Even though it is a micro state, it is one of the oldest republics in the world and therefore marks one other country crossed off my list at Traveltip (so far I have 49, how many do you have? And Sylvia you don’t count!).

After a long and delicious breakfast at the Relais Varnello we made the 90 minutes drive to San Marino. What I didn’t know is that most of the city is on top of a rock which makes getting there quite interesting since you are going up in a gondola. Plus once on top you have a spectacular view on the surrounding country.

The city on top looks very medieval, so as if nothing had changed in the last couple of centuries except for the many tourist shops that sell everything from perfume, to jewellery and dummy weapons (not sure what these were for but an eclectic choice was available).

There are three fortresses that can be visited but in my humble opinion one is enough. I am sure they all look-alike and one already gives you enough of an impression to be happy with the sightseeing.

After that you can go shopping (yeah, had a lovely time) and get a drink. The Campari spritz was excellent on this warm day especially after I successfully shopped some trinkets.

To discover a bit more of San Marino we decided to walk down (still glad that we took the gondola up though) to the car park. There was not much to see though except a steep and long-winded way.

I had lovely day in San Marino even more so because I added another country. Definitely worth your time! Yours, Pollybert


  1. Eventhough I am being discriminated against 😊 it is 72, my dear and there will be one more this fall 😋

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