A weekend in Italy

Every year we go to Italy for a long weekend. The last 15 years it was Tuscany but due to circumstances out of our hands we had to go elsewhere this year. After looking around we eventually settled on Brisighella in the Emilia-Romagna.

I have never been anywhere near there so for me it was all a brand new experience. We left Vienna late Wednesday night and arrived so early that everybody at the Relais Varnello was still asleep. That had the advantage that I could walk around and take a couple of pictures of the house and the gardens without other guests in the picture. It later turned out that beside our group there were only two other couples. So no stress here.

Our bed and breakfast was in Brisighella which is a wonderful medieval village located near Ravenna. We used this circumstance wisely to tour the Mausoleum of Theoderic in the next days. The roof is one massive stone of about 300 tons and this makes the tomb impressive (there is not much else to see so one has to be impressed with what’s there). The city of Ravenna has a lot more to offer but since the others had already seen it, I have to go back on my own.

We then drove to the nearest beach, the Lido di Classe, but one look at it and I had enough. Take a look, can you see the sea? Me neither…

Lido di Classe @Ravenna

Dinner in Brisighella was quite adventurous and it took us until the last evening to find the perfect spot. Nonetheless the village is absolutely marvelous and the pictures I took of it make up for the lack everything. Especially the lack of interesting food in the beginning. Best spot to eat was behind the “water ball” to the right, a fantastic little restaurant with a small outdoor sitting area. Sorry to say thatI have no pictures from the restaurant. By then I was starved for good food and couldn’t be bothered to take pictures first. Yours, Pollybert

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