We started again into the day with our workout routine. I can see you shaking your heads in amazement, mine is doing the same right now. Can’t believe we really did that. But a day in the bikini is a “hefty” motivation. Andrea was becoming an accomplished plank turner (these crazy exercises we were doing, unbelievable) while I still only managed to fall flat on my behind. Nevermind, it’s the spirit that counts (and the eventual results, let’s stay hopeful here).

We had decided to explore our island today and wanted to take the bus at the 10:30 leaving from Gaios to Loggos and Lakka. Lakka was the furthest village which we wanted to try today. That sounds a bit weird as if there were more villages on the island, which is not the case.

bus timetable @Paxos

So after coffee and lemon water in our garden we headed to the supermarket for more apricots and then to the bus stop. The local bus was already waiting and in fear of not getting a seat we boarded right away and then stewed for another seven minutes in the airless vehicle. With a ticket price of 2,50 per person the transfer was more than steep. At least we saw a lot of the island on the way up and appreciated our cottage even more.

The 8km drive took 40 minutes and when we arrived at Lakka we needed another coffee and vitamins in form of freshly squeezed orange juice. After touring the harbor we sat down in small English taverna (full English breakfast available, but why would you want that when in Greece?) and had the much-needed sustenance. What was really funny that at this place they had a begging turkey. Never saw something like this before.

Lakka town @Paxos

Lakka bay @Paxos

Lakka bay @Paxos

waterfront @Lakka

breakfast in Lakka

begging turkey @Paxos

Around the midday heat we made our way to the beach, paid for sun beds and started to relax in the shade. Here as well there was only a pebble beach but the sea was a lot easier to access than on the south side of the island.

Lakka bay @Paxos

Lakka beach and bay @Paxos

For lunch (I insisted on going) we had agreed on trying a place that we had seen on our way to the beach. Paxoimadi had by far the most interesting menu we had seen so far on the island. And what a great idea it was! Andrea’s appetite came with the food. We tried lentil salad with peppers and capers, fried cheese with tomatoes and chilli, octopus salad and fried fish wish was then put in a marinade with rosemary, raisins and garlic. I don’t know how long the fish was in there but the rosemary was wonderfully soft to eat, the garlic with the raisins sweet and in combination with the fish just perfect. Funnily enough the fish tasted dry and a bit hard but the bones appeared to be softened from the marinade. Excellent lunch, what more can I say!

Paxoimadi @Lakka

fried fish in marinade @Lakka

octopus salad @Lakka

lentil salad @Lakka

warm feta with chilli @Lakka

best lunch @Lakka

Thus energized we walked back to the beach and spent the rest of the afternoon dozing, reading and dreaming of a captain who would take us places.

Lakka bay @Paxos

It was good that we had tried the restaurant in the afternoon because when we came back to catch the bus to Gaios it was closed. Anyway it was best to eat the full meal at lunch so we skipped dinner and just had a little snack while watching the games in the evening in our favorite on the main square. Yours, Pollybert



  1. Next time you eat meat – I will remind you of this comment 😎

  2. And, did you feed the poor turkey?🙄🦃

    • Of course not! Haven’t we read in Nepal that we should honor the dignity of the people by not supporting their begging. Same counts for the turkey here.

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