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We slept forever and some more, we really needed to relax after the terrible night in Corfu. Around 11am even Andrea was up and we started our day with the newly discovered workout routine from the evening before.Then we had coffee (coffee maker and coffee imported from Vienna) and lemon water (with lemons from our garden). There is no better way to start your day than lazily enjoying coffee and a magazine in the garden. When we finally walked to the water front it was noon but still early enough for lovely fresh OJ and more coffee (and the obligatory cake with the coffee).

Italian coffee maker

main square of Gaios @Paxos

good morning goose @Paxos

coffee and cake @Paxos

With a short stop at the supermarket to buy some apricots we headed back to get our swimming utensils and started to look for a beach. Today we wanted to walk 3km to Mongonissi Beach but gave up half way after we saw a beach club which welcomed visitors. I made Andrea turn around and head back there since I figured on the first day in the sun we needed some shade (and who really wants to walk 3km in the almost bright sun?). That they also had sun beds made the place so much better.

Gaios port @Paxos

Beach Club Paxos

Without paying for the beds and not consuming anything (we were of course willing to pay but no one came to collect) we had the perfect afternoon on this pebble beach which included a ladder into the sea. I tried once to walk in but the stones were so difficult to navigate and really hurt my feet (maybe I am a sensitive person after all).

On our way back to the cottage we stopped for a quick late afternoon snack

afternoon snack @Paxos

before whiling some time away in the garden and then got ready for dinner. Isn’t that always the best time of day? Already a bit tired from all the sun and salt but instantly refreshed upon drinking a cold beer after a shower?

That morning we had seen a small place that looked especially inviting that we wanted to give a try for dinner. So far we hadn’t found this special place like last time in Samos.

First off the wine was warm, how disappointing that hasn’t happened so far anywhere in Greece. And then again a Greek salad right out of the fridge. The pepperonata was superb, with a bit of tuna and a slight bite on the tongue, the sardines in green sauce lovely except that I missed the green sauce (they must have meant the scattering of parsley on top), the grilled sardines not cleaned enough and couldn’t be eaten whole while the stuffed green pepper and tomato were delicious with a hint of dill. A mix of great and disappointing dishes but overall quite lovely. Except for the wine of course! Yours, Pollybert

dinner in Gaios @Paxos

stuffed tomato @Paxos

grilled sardines with green sauce @Paxos


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