Saying goodbye to Greece

All good things must come to an end and so was our vacation here on Paxos. We had to move be out of our cozy home until 10am which was kind of early but no biggie. What annoyed me though was that the cleaning lady started her work in our garden already at 9:15. The leave raking was fine with me even if I was still sitting with my coffee outside but when she started to wash the garden walls with bleach and I was enveloped in a chemical cloud, it was too much and I asked her to come back at the allotted time. What irritated me even more was that our host Villy knew about this because she was right next door when we brought the luggage over. Early check-out no big deal but cutting a comfortable breakfast short, big deal! It was also the only morning that we had croissants, Andrea was so nice to get them.

At least that Saturday knew that it was our last day and the weather showed its misery. The sky was grey and overcast and the sun didn’t show. For the last time we went to the harbor to have a nice breakfast of strong coffee and fresh OJ (and the complimentary cake) and then we were off to the beach club again.

There we just relaxed in the sun chairs, looked out at the sea and were inwardly sad to leave this island already. As much as I was looking forward to going home again, Greece always has a special place with me and I can’t wait to get back.

In the end we were glad for this overcast day because we had to walk to the ferry along the harbor and it was around 20 minutes to go. Not that long but imagine it dressed for travel, with your luggage and no shade.

Around 6pm we arrived back in Corfu and our hotel Atlantis from a week ago allowed us to leave the luggage so that we could explore Corfu town in the next couple of hours. Not that we were going to do an extensive sightseeing program, but a look around the city including dinner was what we had planned.

Corfu town presented itself as a charming medieval town, maybe a bit grubby with garbage mountains here and there. We later learned that there was a problem with the town administration. Nonetheless the city had a lot of charm and we enjoyed walking through it.

Corfu town

Corfu town

Dinner as well was an excellent affair and it was quite sad to note that Paxos or rather Gaios didn’t have any similar restaurant (within this quality range). Anthos was definitely a special place and had amazing food. First of all there was an amuse gueule, then very tasty grilled sardines and mussels with feta as starters and afterwards squid and octopus as main dish. Can you imagine that we couldn’t finish? Me neither when I look at the pictures now!

happy face with amuse gueule @Corfu

grilled sardines @Corfu

mussels with feta @Corfu

squid in ink with mashed potatoes @Corfu

octopus in red wine sauce on orzo @Corfu

Pollybert @Corfu

And after that there was not much more to do than to walk back to the hotel, get our luggage and drive to the airport. Of course the online check-in didn’t work and we had to line up, but after such a relaxing week we didn’t care. Yours, Pollybert

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