Last night on Paxos

After a wonderful day on the cruise boat with Captain Yiannis we needed some time to relax at home and also to apply copious amounts of after-sun lotion.

We had arranged dinner with Lili at a restaurant that we had passed for days since it was set right next to the water front and on the way to Paxos Beach Club. The place was so not worth it, the menu was already in 4 languages which says all about the crowd they cater to. Not to be unfair the sausage from the BBQ was very good and also the skordalia, so delicious with just a hint of garlic instead of being overpowered by it.

grilled sausage @Paxos

feta stuffed pepper and skordalia @Paxos

But the cabbage salad fell flat (where was the dill?), the giant beans okay, Greek salad okay and stuffed pepper with feta also okay.

cabbage salad @Paxos

giant beans @Paxos

Greek salad @Paxos

dessert @Paxos

For a goodbye dinner it was quite disappointing and I am not sure if the fruit plate counts as culinary highlight. At least the view onto the harbor was great what dinner lacked in excitement.

sunset @Paxos

sunset @Paxos

With Lili in tow we headed to the main square where we sat down for the last time at our bar. The beer tasted even better with the knowledge it would be the last one on this island. Yours, Pollybert

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