Even though filed under “Out and About” it is all about being inside! If you were wondering what happened to me and why I fell for weeks completely off the face of the earth, I have just one word for you: SKAM. As most of you have probably noticed I am completely out of sync with my travel writings and was last month in Copenhagen with a couple of friends instead of still cruising around in Greece.

When I posted a pic of this trip on Instagram it got a like from a gorgeous girl from Denmark. Scrolling through her feed (please tell me that you all do that from time to time and it’s not only me who is weird) I saw a selfie of her with intense red lips. Reading then about the selfie lead to Skam and from there into an abyss of late nights on the couch.

Two days into it I had to write to Lainey Gossip about it (I had to tell someone and at the time I thought it was only me -> couldn’t have been more wrong) and she opened her blog the same day with a post about the show. She linked to an article from a guy who had also fallen hard and fast into the Skam craze and I felt oddly connected.

By then it had been announced that Simon Fuller would develop the show for the American market and all of a sudden the Internet exploded. Articles left and right were suddenly written to explain the appeal of a Norwegian teenager series. I personally can’t explain it. The show’s target are teenagers and not me. And still I can’t elude its appeal.

The show is like a drug (which you also consume in copious amounts) that I go back to for more and more. And not only me! Just think about the fact that it’s the fans who are translating the episodes. I guess a lot of non Norwegian speakers are starting to learn the language. I know I have, and it’s srsy btw.

Here by the way are links to seasons 1-3 with English subtitles. What adds to the whole Skam experience is that during the week short episodes and text messages are posted online on its own website. There you can also find the Instagram profiles of the characters which gives the series an even more realistic touch. Then on Friday these episodes form one long one (20-50 minutes) including new material of course.

NRK TV really knows what they are doing because with the constant update one just lives with the characters! They make tv with addiction factor! If you search for Skam on Tumbler, Twitter or Instagram you will start noticing the craze that all of a sudden surrounds the series. And I fully get it. I just don’t know how to get out of it again. On the other hand, do I even want to? Isn’t it so much better to just go along for the ride? Yours, Pollybert

PS: Season 3 finale is tomorrow night, ans there is already a confirmation for season 4!


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