Getting around on Mykonos 

Looking at these pictures and writing about our vacation in Greece makes the loss of summer even greater. The arrival of winter in Austria mattered not so much until I looked at these wonderful sunny memories from last September. Our leaving of Paros was bittersweet. On the one hand we had seen most of the island already, on the other hand I could just stay there forever no matter if I see something new or not. I loved it because it had such a calming and relaxing atmosphere. Going to Mykonos would change all this.

ready to go to Mykonos?@Paros

ready to go to Mykonos@Paros

Again our Hotel Paolas Town picked us up from the  ferry and gave us a lift to the hotel. So the most taxing thing was the decision between going to Paradise Beach or Super Paradise Beach. In the end we missed the right bus and took the one to Ornos Beach instead. From there we took a boat and cruised to Super Paradise Beach. So much better to see the all the different beaches when you pass them by boat.

Pollybert on the way to Super Paradise Beach

Pat on the way to Super Paradise Beach

even the boats looked ready for paradise

on the way to Super Paradie Beach

even the boats looked ready for paradise

Once there (by then it was already in the afternoon) the first thing we did was sit down at Pinky Beach Club and get a really expensive lunch. But the place was amazing though and I could just imagine what goes on at this place during summer time. And, I have to give them, the food was wonderful.

a group picture from Pinky Beach

mussels @Pinky Beach

Greek salad @Pinky Beach

fried calamari @Pinky Beach

grilled octopus @Pinky Beach

enjoying lunch @Pinky Beach

Thus feeling pleasantly buzzed after a bottle of wine in the shade we moved onto the beach and lay down in the sand. At 4pm I was definitely not willing to pay the full day price for a sunbed (or at least the price it had been on Paros for a day). Really, my willingness to extortion only goes that far.

The sand meanwhile made for a heavenly comfortable base to rest for a bit. There was really not much time left before the last boat came by again to pick us up and bring us back to Platis Gialos beach where we stayed for a sundowner instead of going back to the hotel. Imagine now riding on a boat again and feeling the wind and the sun on your skin. I miss Greece! Yours, Pollybert

riding the waves @Mykonos

sundowner @Platis Gialos

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