Lolling about on Mykonos

The lazy summer days in Mykonos seem so far away probably because it just snowed here in Vienna. Our last days on the island were filled with traipsing around town, shopping a bit, late breakfast and getting a bus to a different beach. That long ago Saturday was no different and Pat and I made our way slowly into town.

Pat and Pollybert @Mykonos

definitely not locals @Mykonos

shopping in Mykonos town

Mykonos town

Mykonos town

When we met C finally for breakfast it was already noon and time to decide which beach to go to.

Another lazy afternoon on a sandy beach, immersed in a book in my kindle and just enjoying the sun in my skin. Not much more is wanted from a vacation in Greece.

Platis Gialos @Mykonos

Pollybert @Platis Gialos

We had ended up on Platis Gialos beach where we had already been the evening before for sun downers. This time we downed the beer while still on the sun beds. No point in getting up when there was a handsome guy who also served the beer.

Platis Gialos @Mykonos

Dinner then brought us to Nikolas Taverna again. By far the most traditional and relaxed Greek food around the area. Not only did we get some exercise on the way to it, we also shared more drinks and starter plates for another excellent meal. I miss Greece! Yours, Pollybert

view on Platis Gialos @Mykonos


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