After work drinks on a Friday evening, after a long week and an some work-out, are always the best. They are well-earned and deserved. Normally I call it an added bonus when I just go for drinks and skip dinner. But sometimes one drink turns into two (or more) and after that I need a snack.

Search no more, Vienna has finally a great alternative to Würstelstand, burgers and kebab. Right in the heart of the ‘Bermuda Dreieck‘ the Schachtelwirt has opened its doors. On offer are  different Viennese dishes, as well as a soup and a desert. The menu seems to be changing every week so you can always try something new. All dishes come in a “Schachtel” (take away box). But you can eat them on site or, you guessed it, wherever else you want to.


When I was there on said Friday I needed something substantial, therefore I chose the roast pork with crackling, dumplings and sauerkraut. Just the right thing to get me going again, what for I don’t know though because I went home to eat on the couch.

The box was filled with just the right ratio of sauerkraut to pork roast, being a bit stingy on the dumpling side. Maybe they just want to help with the carbs late at night, I would have preferred one more mini dumpling though. The roast pork was heaven, tender and juicy with the meat already cut in bite-size pieces and a nice bit of crackling on top. The sauerkraut was sharp enough to work with the meat and the perfectly bland dumplings. It had just too many junipers and black pepper corns inside for my taste. This does speak though for its freshly-made qualities.

Overall I’m excited about the Schachtelwirt, will definitely visit it again. Yours, Pollybert

1010 Wien, Judengasse 5
Tel: +43 1 532 0707
Tue-Sat: 11:30-22:00

roast pork with dumplings @Schachtelwirt

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