More impressions of Copenhagen

Sometimes it happens (tbh very often) that I have a surplus of pictures. Like from this trip to Copenhagen. Some of them don’t really fit into the story. Mostly though they have nothing to do with how the story rolls. Which makes me sad because these pictures tell a story of their own. So instead of the deleting them I put them up anyhow. Just for you to enjoy. And a big thank you to Cat and Susi. They selflessly contributed lots of pictures to make this trip more memorable. Yours, Pollybert

the girl squad in Copenhagen

winter decoration from Hotel D’Angleterre @Copenhagen

sunny morning in Copenhagen

wandering through Copenhagen

even the shops look better in Copenhagen

Rosenborg details @Copenhagen

a butcher in Copenhagen

flower shop in Copenhagen

on the streets of Copenhagen

The Round Tower in sunlight @Copenhagen

a pølser stand from Lego @Copenhagen

window from Conditori La Glace @Copenhagen

Christmas lights, all ready for Valentine’s day in Copenhagen

royal mail @Copenhagen

Mrs. Claus getting everything ready for Christmas @Copenhagen

what’s happening below @Copenhagen

on the streets of Copenhagen

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