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What better way than to start your day with a healthy breakfast. Especially when you are on vacation. As rarely as I have breakfast during the week, on the weekend when I have time a long and sumptuous morning meal is exactly what I crave. So healthy or hearty, whatever you prefer, Muriel’s Kitchen has a lot on offer. Right next to the South Kensington tube station this small bakery is well worth a detour (I know what I am talking about, we had breakfast here twice and made the extra trip). Since it is popular either make a reservation or bide your time in the line-up. Either way the atmosphere is relaxed and the line moves quickly (the larger the party, the longer the wait though).

The restaurant is small but has a comfy feeling to it; probably because the seating is quite tight, but it works. The breakfast menu is extensive and since we ate there twice I got quite a few pictures. Besides the obligatory full English breakfast, the menu offers several egg dishes, including Eggs Benedict,  as well as healthy choices. Fresh juices, smoothies and sweet dishes round-up the breakfast menu.

Muriel’s Kitchen @London

Of course I had to eat the Full English breakfast as well as the Eggs Benedict. So glad I had the chance to do this, never could I have eaten that on the same day. The English breakfast was perfect, tasty and in exactly the right combination. The eggs royale on the other hand could use a softer bread. The bagel in my humble opinion doesn’t soak up the yolk and is therefore not optimal in this combination. The extra salmon helped to chew the toasted bagel and with a green juice I washed it all down. Quite nice but not as perfect as in Copenhagen.

full English breakfast @Muriel’s Kitchen

The Ultimate Eggs Royale @Muriel’s Kitchen

Interestingly enough the others ate the same both days, which means that their dishes were excellent. Otherwise why would you do that (I had the Eggs Benedict on my first day in case you are wondering)?

Muriel’s Veggie Breakfast Bowl @Muriel’s Kitchen

Champion’s Breakfast with a side order of smoked salmon @Muriel’s Kitchen

Muriel’s Popeyes @Muriel’s Kitchen

porridge @Muriel’s Kitchen

This is a place I can whole heartedly recommend. If you are in the Kensington area Muriel’s Kitchen is well worth your time. Yours, Pollybert

Muriel’s Kitchen
1-3 Pelham St, Kensington, London SW7 2ND, UK
Tel: +44 20 7589 3511
Mo-Sun: 08:00-23:00

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