Snacking our way through Copenhagen

Copenhagen was a culinary experience and one I want to share with you. This post is not so much about the two wonderful restaurants that we tried but about all the other food which we had in these two days. When three hungry girls are exploring a city, there are a lot of stops on the way for food and drink. We can’t live from air alone. So here we go with the amazing places that we passed on our way. Yours, Pollybert

  • Kalaset: Right across the street from the Ibsens Hotel we had coffee here on our first morning. We didn’t try any food but it looked amazing. And with the speed the place filled up I am sure it is as good as it looked. Only drawback is that you have to order at the bar and get your own drinks. The food then is served. The line when we left was stretched around the whole bar.

Kalaset @Copenhagen

  • Royal Smushi Cafe: Cat read about it on the plane to Copenhagen and insisted on us trying it. How right she was. A lovely decorated dining room with a great atmosphere. The food was to die for. Cat and I shared a lunch plate which consisted of three sandwiches or smørrebrød, a small salad and rice pudding (risalamande). It was all washed down with a Christmas beer. The one drawback here is the bathroom outside. So when you come in winter you want to bring your coat while you wait in line.

    Royal Smushi Cafe @Copenhagen

    Royal Smushi Cafe @Copenhagen

    Smørrebrød from Royal Smushi Cafe @Copenhagen

    late lunch at the Royal Smushi Cafe @Copenhagen

  • Stand Døp: According to the in-flight magazine the best pølser (hot dog) place in Copenhagen. Even though we were still full from the Royal Smushi Cafe we shared a Hot Dog with everything. No extras for us. And right we were because the next day the mobile Stand Døp was nowhere to be seen. We got our pølser right next to the Round Tower.

    the best pølser from Stand Døp @Copenhagen

  • Mirabelle Bakery: Such an amazing breakfast, you really don’t want to miss out on this. Thankfully we had a reservation for it otherwise it doesn’t appear to be easy. Lots of people passing by since it is in a residential area and it invites to stay seated and eat more. We each had a breakfast and then couldn’t pass up the delicious looking croissants. All varieties were great but the almond one look positively sumptuous. The eggs Benedikt were to die for!

    Mirabelle @Copenhagen

    eggs Benedikt at Mirabelle @Copenhagen

    breakfast at Mirabelle @Copenhagen

    almond croissant from Mirabelle @Copenhagen

  • Caviar House Airport Copenhagen: I decided to spend my last DKK not on books or other stuff (that might be a first for me) but on an amazing seafood platter at the bar of Caviar House. All washed down with a glass of Chablis, it was the perfect culinary ending for this trip.

    seafood platter at Caviar House @Copenhagen

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