More Than Forever (More Than Series, Book 4) by Jay McLean: I needed a break between books 1-3 and now book 4 and the wait was well worth it. The story of Lucy and Cameron is definitely way steamier than the other three books and it is also great to meet all the other characters again. As cheesy as books are, I love to read them. Like a guilty pleasure I make the time and read them in one go. To finish this one it took me about two days between working and watching a lot of sport on tv. I like the drama that surrounds them all and the characters being and behaving like teenagers but then they love with such a definitiveness and completeness. It is totally absurd, but isn’t that what books are for? To check out a different reality?


The Widow by Fiona Barton: I really got into audio books as part of my gym routine and all of my sudden I find myself listening to them whenever I find the time. Like preparing a meal in the kitchen or just walking from A to B. It really is excellent to get some “reading” done while walking. Still these books also have to be entertaining because otherwise my attention vanishes and settles on something else. “The Widow” is hyped as in the league with “Gone Girl” and “Girl on the Train” (two books that were good but not great) and this should have told me everything. But I didn’t listen, or actually I did. So while the book was a good enough entertainment on the stationary bike in the gym, it didn’t hold my attention elsewhere. The plot was to obvious and overall a bit boring.


The Twelve (Book Two of The Passage Trilogy) by Justin Cronin: The book starts at the beginning of the viral attacks and then draws the bow back to the time of the first book. I really loved how we got to know all the people a little bit better, and also some of the virals. Sometimes it wasn’t clear how stuff had happened, but may I had missed that on the audio book. I am still not sure if I really pick up everything while listening to a book. The end of Book Two leaves me hanging in the loop. Where exactly is this book going now? So far so good, the story moved along clearly and the events made sense. But what will happen now? In a way I can’t wait to start with Book Three and on the other hand for me the story could already be over.


Insurrection by Robyn Young: The story of Robert the Bruce is well-known and if not, you might have watched ‘Braveheart‘. I am listening to the story on audiobook (having become quite obsessed with the whole audio thing since listening to my first) and I love how rich in details it is and how the characters are coming alive. All of a sudden Bruce is not just a traitor who swore fealty to the English King, but someone who had a good reason to do so in the first place. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating a bit, the point is though the Robyn Young makes me root for Bruce. I want him to become King of Scotland and claim his blood right. This is of course a trilogy. The first part ends shortly after the Battle of Falkirk.

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