Karaoke is quite popular with my friends and on one such evening we tried out the Japanese restaurant Nihonbashi which has a couple of karaoke rooms on a lower level. Fear not, the rooms are sound-proof and you don’t hear anything while enjoying your dinner.

Having never heard of Nihonbashi before it came as quite a surprise that it was frequented by a few Japanese people. That really made an impression on me. The restaurant not only has a long dining room but also a couple of tatami rooms. The menu offers besides the usual japanese dishes a variety of sake wines. Definitely the right place for a full-blown Japanese experience.

dining room @Nihonbashi

My vegan friend from Deli Bluem recommended the steamed spinach salad as a starter. I tried it and it tasted lovely but I prefer my spinach salad to be fresh. Probably because once it is steamed it’s just a sad little green pile.

steamed spinach salad @Nihonbashi

I preferred the agedashi tofu, which was perfect in its smooth silkiness with a slight crunch on top. The miso soup on the other hand didn’t get great remarks. Why was not disclosed.

Agedashidofu @Nihonbashi

miso soup @Nihonbashi

As a main course I ordered two sets of maki, nicely flavored and well-balanced in proportion fish to rice. The portion size was standard and more than enough for dinner.

tuna with spring onion and spicy tuna maki @Nihonbashi

The grilled salmon in yuzu-lime sauce was just okay; this diner was just not happy with her choices that evening. The sushi looked absolutely fresh and shiny while the vegan maki almost brought tears to my eyes. Don’t get me wrong, they were alright, but when there is so much fish to choose from …

grilled salmon with rice @Nihonbashi

small sushi, just fish @Nihonbashi

vegan maki @Nihonbashi

Nihonbashi is a nice restaurant in an unremarkable way. I probably wouldn’t go again except for another round of karaoke. As it turned out, when you eat here, the karaoke room is for free. So that makes the dinner almost spectacular! Yours, Pollybert

PS: If you want to see us sing, click here.

1010 Wien, Kärntnerstraße 44
Tel: +43 1 8907856
Mon-Sun: 12-15:00 and 18-23:00

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