More impressions from Graz

As usual when I spend a weekend with friends I take so many pictures, way more than are needed for a post. Going through them while writing about the weekend I find that there are many which tell their own story about Graz and our weekend there. We were lucky with the weather, the sun was out most of the time and it was really warm. The city makes you feel welcome with its open places and always people outside. Just relaxing and drinking coffee, or one of the many wines and beers from the area. Graz is worth a visit, I will definitely be back again. My thanks also to my friends who shared theirs pictures with me and some of them will probably end up in this post. Yours, Pollybert

Girls on tour @Graz

one of the many hair dressers in Graz

Waiting time @Graz

the virgin alley @Graz

detail from the main square aka the real virgin @Graz

this bakery sells good stuff from yesterday @Graz

love is forever – same as in Paris

nothing lasts forever @Graz

new game: find your bike @Graz

Kunsthalle from behind @Graz

I guess someone was drinking a lot of wine @Graz

nameless place @Graz

sporty after breakfast @Graz

Mur with the island café @Graz

main square @Graz

old building @Graz

buy yourself a little joy of nothing @Graz

relaxing in Graz

more nice buildings in Graz

very true indeed @Graz

goodbye Graz

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