What I learned in Graz

I wouldn’t have thought it possible but even a short road trip with your friends made me realize a couple of things. Yours, Pollybert

1.) When three girls room together it’s best to rent a suite. Also make sure that the bathroom is large enough!

2.) Book a hotel with either pool or sauna. Best case scenario is both! It feels heavenly after a day of walking around.

3.) If you travel with a group larger than two people make sure everyone knows what the plan is.

4.) Go partying on the first evening of your trip, the second night everyone is tired. This is an unwritten law!

5.) Bring a dress or buy pink jeans. Just something else beside the standard jeans.

6.) Find a rooftop, order rosé and you can party in the afternoon (in case you missed out the evening before).

7.) Don’t have any expectations. Come to think of it, this always works!

8.) Don’t go shopping when tipsy. The only way to avoid financial disaster is when your friends tell you that nothing fits.

8.) Enjoy yourself and plan the next trip!

saying goodbye to Graz

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