Weird stuff and other cool things in China

China doesn’t cease to amaze me, all the weird stuff going on is just amazing. The people there seem partly crazy and partly super charming. Of course I know that some of you will not agree with my assessment. But it’s the only conclusion I can come to for this contradicting country. Anyway, here are a couple of signs and other interesting things (or weird stuff as I like to call it) I came across while traveling the Yunnan. This is the real China. Yours, Pollybert

Miracles happen, wi-fi in an open area @Kunming

not sure I want to get my picture taken there @Kunming

I wonder how this is working and if English books are even available @Kunming

green wall and look at the lamp @Dali

fermented things whatever @Dali

Zonghe Temple on Cangshan Mountain or could be Grisu, the little dragon @Dali

this is how you decorate your tree @Dali

everyone stays on his lane @Dali

art or a broken egg-shell with Buddha inside @Dali

leaves room for growth @Yunnan

not really sure why the chicken/goose/duck is blue @Shangri-La

instructions on how to use the bathroom @Yunnan


  1. Well, one day you’ll certainly be a senile shutterbug 😎

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