What to eat on the streets of Yunnan

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach which can also be done with street food. In my case it’s the way to my heart while traveling. I haven’t visited a country that I didn’t like when its cuisine impressed me. Maybe that’s how China wormed its way into my heart. Some of the food here I tried and the only tip I have for Yunnan is, tbeware. It’s spicy! Yours, Pollybert

I didn’t try these because I wasn’t sure how much dust was already imbedded after being so appetizingly prepared @Kunming

I think it was a cream of potatoes with spring onions, nuts and lots of chili. In any case it was absolutely delicious @Dali

freshly baked bread but totally unsalted and therefore boring without something on top @Dali

Mapo tofu, she didn’t take it easy with the chili @Dali

not sure if these are also called Beijing duck @Dali

didn’t try these because I was not sure if they were worth the hassle @Dali

fried potatoes on Jinsuo island, really tasty @Dali

tea jelly with rice noodles or something similar, in any case absolutely tasteless on Jinsuo island @Dali

dried seafood snack on Jinsuo island which I didn’t try @Dali

tofu-filled steamed bread @Shangri-La

wafer-thin rolls @Shangri-La

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