The flowers of Iceland

Walking through Reykjavik I got the impression that there were no flowers at all. I mean I was there at the end of May. A time where in Europe everything is in full bloom. Not that Iceland is not in Europe. It’s just not in the middle of it but rather far North.

Since I didn’t see any flowers (or rather any “wild” flowers) in the city I thought there wouldn’t be a flower post. Which fortunately turned out to be untrue. I just had to look a lot closer. The moment we left Reykjavik behind us the flowers were there, in abundance. Most of them just cover the soil or the rocks. They stay low, hidden by moss or stones. But then there majestic ones like the lupines, which grow tall and straight. And are actually quite a menace because the grow like pest. So here are the flowers I found for you, sometimes at the risk of my life! Yours, Pollybert


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