What’s worth in Iceland to spend your money on

My five days in Iceland were my most expensive ever. This is something you should come to terms with before you set out. Because no matter what someone else might tell you, this place is pricy. The cheapest thing of your whole trip will be your plane ticket. If you accept that, then you can have a good time. If you start converting in your head every time you buy something … oh boy. Yours, Pollybert

So what’s worth your money and what not?

– Splurge: take the Flybus to and from the airport and book the plus service which delivers you right to your doorstep. WiFi service, comfy seats and punctuality. What more do you need?
– Skip: no need for a taxi.

Flybus with USB plug to charge the phone @Iceland

– Splurge: we stayed at the City Center Hotel, a 3* hotel with an awful breakfast but a great location. We splurged on a superior room on the 5th floor and the view from there was amazing! Also less noise from the party revellers!
– Skip: the hotel facilities were more than enough, there is no benefit in going 4*. Except maybe a better breakfast, something you have to seriously consider.

Reykjavik at night


– Splurge: always go for the large beer.
– Skip: small beer! We ordered a small beer and this is what happened. The waiter duck under the bar and didn’t come up for a couple of minutes. He then told us he needed to go to the back to get the proper glasses. A red flag should have gone but we still went ahead and bought it anyway. The price was 990 ISK. Next up was a customer who ordered a large beer. He paid 10 ISK more for it. In Euro that’s a difference of 8 cent.

large beer and tea; stick with beer @Reykjavik

– Splurge: if you need to order cocktails because beer is not your forte, only order cocktails that you know. G&T for example always does the trick.
– Skip: the signature cocktail! With a price tag of 25-30 Euro per drink you don’t want to get surprised. Trust me!

the left one was a pleasant surprise, the other not so much @Reykjavik

– Splurge: go ahead and book tours for every single day you are there, except of course the one you spend exploring Reykljavik. Iceland is f*cking beautiful, see as much of it as possible. The advantage of a tour is that you always get back to Reykjavik. And this is where you want to stay to party!
– Skip: a rental if it is just the two of you and you only have a couple of days. The distances are enormous and you will be exhausted from all the driving. Hence … no party.

excellent G&T from Loftid @Reykjavik

– Splurge: the food was amazing and will get its own post. As with the cocktails order stuff that you actually know. Not just by name but also by taste.  Go for the real deal like fish or meat and forget that it’s about 50 Euro per dish. If you want to order something unknown, get it as starter.
– Skip: bite sized burgers of whale and puffin. Too small to actually taste anything. Always get a regular portion. Also don’t go for the pasta, because this will set you back 30 Euro and you can get that at home.

lamb with roasted cauliflower @Reykjavik

Blue Lagoon:
– Splurge: once you decide to go to the Blue Lagoon (if you are not sure about it, wait for my upcoming post) get premium tickets or better. There was no queuing for us and the extra features were well worth it. And yes, the whole experience is amazing!
– Skip: the Standard ticket

relaxing in the Blue Lagoon @Reykjavik

– Splurge: buy a sheepskin. It’s a real Viking animal, brought over already with the first settlers. It’s soft and available in all colors, although the natural ones look best. Besides the sheepskin we invested in a down coat. The Icelandic people know how to stave off the cold and Ice Wear has good deals. Plus all visitors will receive about 14% tax back.
– Skip: everything else. I saw a water-resistant jacket for 1000€. Really?

real viking sheepskin @Iceland

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