Glacier Lagoon Jökulsárlón

The glacier lagoon in the south of Iceland is called Jökulsárlón. Going there takes practically forever if you are on a day tour (14 hours). But it’s so worth it! The drive there gets only interrupted by bathroom breaks and one longer lunch break. In case you don’t want to eat lunch (because you might have snacked all morning on your imported nut mix and cookies from back home) go for a walk. The stop is right next to a glacier. Okay maybe not right next to but the distance is good enough for some pictures. A word of warning here. Always keep on the road, or rather on something the looks even remotely like a track.

We just crossed the road and headed in the direction of the glacier. While I was taking my first pictures of the local flowers, my friend got accosted by a dog. Unfazed I followed her even though the dog started to sound raspy from all the barking. Some guy from the rest stop yelled something at the dog, and probably also at us. But my Icelandic was not up to par, so we just kept on. Meanwhile the dog sounded more and more deranged. His snarling didn’t really increase my confidence. But ever the brave soldier I gave him a stern warning. Not that it helped, he bared his teeth and I thought this was the moment he would rip out my arm.

The guy from the rest stop meanwhile had pulled over with the car, seized the dog by his collar and pulled him away. The danger must have been a lot higher than we had realized. Thank God for knights in shining armour (don’t take it literal though, the guy was far from shiny and gave us a dressing down), we slinked away as if nothing had happened. In any case this is the picture from there.

do you think this picture was worth getting almost attacked by a dog @Iceland

After another hour on the bus we finally arrived at the Glacier  Lagoon of Jökulsárlón. The black lava beach with the ice blogs was already impressive enough. But the tour on the glacial lake with the amphibian was even better. Too bad it was foggy so we couldn’t see the glacier who made all this possible. Sad fact is though that the glacier is melting since the ’60s due the climate change. And hence the lagoon emerged.

black beach of glacier lagoon Jökulsárlón @Iceland

Glacier Lagoon Jökulsárlón with the glacier somewhere in the back @Iceland

That was the furthest south we went. After that we turned around headed back to Reykjavik. But not before stopping at some more sites. Yours, Pollybert

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