Apotek Kitchen + Bar

Even though Apotek restaurant is advertised in every brochure that we grabbed in Reykjavik, it is a great restaurant to go to. It’s a fun place with a hip vibe, great food and draws a big crowd. And through all of this the service is excellent.

We went there two evenings in a row without reservations and only had to wait once for a couple of minutes at the bar. The second time we were in late and a table was not a problem. The food is great, I loved everything I ate here. The vegetarian choices are limited, one starter and one main dish. But that was everywhere we went. So better get used to this or order side dishes. Like we did!

The room is rather dark and has a rather comfortable parlour feeling. Loved the leather chairs and overall impression of it.

dining room @Apotek Kitchen+Bar

Here we made the mistake of ordering the signature cocktails, twice. The first time it was okay, but the next day it was the same drink with just a different choice of alcohol (smoky whiskey). Wish I would have known that before.

signature cocktails @Apotek Kitchen+Bar

Besides a jug of water, which comes the moment you sit down, there is always fresh bread and churned butter. Still not fond of the butter, but my friend loved it. The first evening we celebrated our dinner (the evening before it was sandwiches for us) by ordering a starter as well as a main dish. I picked the lamb tartar with pickled onions and the vegetarian choice was cauliflower and beet roots. But dishes were exceedingly well executed and lovely to taste.

lamb tartar @Apotek Kitchen+Bar

Cauliflower two ways @Apotek Kitchen+Bar

My main dishes were salmon the first night and a lamb rump steak the second. Still remember both dishes vividly and the lived up to my high standards. Loved every bite of each.

Charcoal grilled salmon @Apotek Kitchen+Bar

lamb with roasted cauliflower @Reykjavik

The vegetarian choice was twice the strawberry yuzu salad. Funnily enough the salad looked totally different from one day to the next. The strawberries by the way are almost colorless but have an intense taste and smell. We shared a side order of truffled fries both times. They were just heavenly.

Strawberry yuzu salad @Apotek Kitchen+Bar

Strawberry yuzu salad @Apotek Kitchen+Bar

truffled french fries with parmesan @Apotek Kitchen+Bar

Overall the service was quick and attentive and friendly as everywhere in Iceland. Maybe it’s the cold that keeps the smile frozen on everyone’s face or maybe they are just born this way. In any case it looks real! Fabulous evening both times, which we followed with a drink at Jacobsen Loftið across the street. Yours, Pollybert

Apotek Kitchen + Bar
101 Reykjavík, Austurstræti 16
Tel: +354 551-0011
Email: apotek@apotekrestaurant.is
Mo-Sun:11:30-0:00, Fri, Sat: until 1:00

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