What I learned in Iceland

When you arrive in a new place you behave like a tourist. Only a couple of days later you get the gist and you think yourself a local. This all comes from the little differences you observe, process and then execute while traveling. Isn’t that just about the best part to immerse yourself in a new culture? So while in Iceland these here are the things that I noticed. Yours, Pollybert

1.) Reykjavik appeared to have more air traffic than car traffic.

2.) The moment you sit down in a restaurant/cafe there is a jug of tap water on the table. And the water is excellent by the way!

3.) I still look like a fool when I jump!

Pollybert making a fool out of herself @Iceland

4.) Read the full instructions on your tour program. Not every tour operator indicates the pickup time on top. Some write down departure times.

5.) There is very little litter on the streets and in the nature. People here take care of their environment.

6.) After paying 60,- Euro for a piece of cod, 27,- Euro for a G&T couldn’t faze me anymore.

7.) Bar rules:
– never order a small beer (the bar tender might have to go to the cellar to get small glasses),
– don’t pay cash and
– sit as far away from the bar as possible (all self-service and you take up space).
If you do any of the above, just shrug it off and be your touristy self.

8.) The party only ever starts after the curtains are drawn (as seen in Jacobsen Loftið Bar).

9.) Downtown Reykjavik has a tree which is full of sanitary napkins. Still haven’t figured out why.

sanitary napkin tree; maybe a national treasure? @Reykjavik

10.) Reykjavik has heated sidewalks in winter. How cool is that?

11.) Iceland has more than 50 kinds of different moss. So never step on it. It takes forever to regenerate.

12.) Iceland has an anti-incest app. Dating must be hard here with only 330k inhabitants.

13.) Trolls and elves and hidden people exist. I just didn’t meet them this time around. Only a copy.

the trolls are not so scary @Reykjavik

14.) Don’t forget to smile, no matter the weather and the circumstances. Cheers to great travel companions!

waiting for the curtains to be drawn at Loftid @Reykjavik

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