Auf alles vorbereitet – Lifehacks für unterwegs by Marie Geissler: It really was astonishing to read how clueless I was still traveling. But no more! This book has some excellent ideas on how to prepare for your vacation. Some I have bookmarked while reading, others I looked right away on the internet. For my next trip I am ready! Can’t wait to go again!


The Ballroom by Anna Hope: If you hadn’t already a depression, you probably would have gotten one during your stay in the Sharston asylum. The conditions in this mental institution in 1911 sound downright creepy. But love blooms in the darkest corners and this is exactly what makes this story so good. There is always hope, even during the bad times. Loved it!


Britt-Marie Was Here by Frederik Backman: With my book club I read ‘A man called Ove‘ and while I liked it I was not overly impressed. I had the book about Britt-Marie as audio and listened to it while on the go. It is remarkable similar to Ove. While the characters have the same social troubles, it’s also totally different in a way. I think I enjoyed more than Ove and I loved that it didn’t have my expected ending. Easy and enjoyable read.


Did I Mention I Love You? by Estelle Maskame): The writing is repetitive and the story line messed up. Still I kept going back for more because I wanted to know what’s the problem with Eden and Tyler. I don’t really get it why step siblings can’t be together; there is no blood relation, so what? As usual with these YA books this one is a trilogy as well. So keep looking for my updates on the next two in this series.

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