Is Gdansk worth a trip

Getting to Gdansk from Vienna is super easy. You take the night train, change in Warsaw and arrive all bright and shiny the next morning. How cool is that?

My hostel was in walking distance from the train station and the location was perfect. Right next to it was the Johannes Hevelius square with his statue and a map of stars (he was a famous astronomer and mayor of Gdansk), the Great Mill (built in 1350 from the Teutonic Order) and St. Catherine’s Church (the oldest church in Gdansk) with the grave of Hevelius. Wow, I was already busy just checking out the sights on the way to check in.

Johannes Hevelius Square @Gdansk

the Great Mill @Gdansk

St. Catherine’s Church and Great Mill behind a Fachwerkhaus @Gdansk

Walking around I discovered that the St. Dominic’s Fair (goes back to the year 1260) was still ongoing. It lasts about three weeks from end of July on. So the city was basically covered with stalls. Just in case you wonder what all these tents are doing on my pictures.

St. Dominic’s Fair @Gdansk

The real sightseeing started with a free walking tour through the Main City. I learned that Gdansk got destroyed in March 1945 and over 90% of it was in ruins. It took the citizens three years to decide on how to rebuild. But then they did it in the renaissance style. Which makes this city so unique and beautiful!

Touring the city with a guide is really the best way to get your bearings. Also it gave me an idea on what to visit in detail over the coming days. Everything looked so rich and opulent. It reminded me a bit of Landshut but of course it was done in a more northern style. Gdansk joined the Hanseatic League in 1358 and became powerful and rich during those years within the League. Gdansk is beautiful and so worthy of your time. More details on what you have to see coming up soon. Yours, Pollybert

entrance to Dluga street (Long Lane) @Gdansk

Dluga Street with town hall in the back @Gdansk

Piwna Street with Basilica of St. Mary of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the back @Gdansk

Piwna street with Armory at the end @Gdansk

Artus Court on the Long Market (Dlugi Targ) @Gdansk

Neptune Fountain on the Long Market (Dlugi Targ) @Gdansk

Long Market with the Town Hall on the left side @Gdansk

Long Market with the Green Gate in the back @Gdansk

the Vistula with the Crane Gate in the back @Gdansk

the streets around Gdansk leading to the Vistula @Gdansk

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