What and where to eat in Gdansk

The Polish like to eat and they have amazing food. I was astonished by the variety that was available. On the street and in small restaurants. A far cry from what I remembered and so good! But maybe that is only in Gdansk? Yours, Pollybert

During St. Dominic’s Fair there are food stalls all over the city. I stopped at a place for lunch and had blood sausage with potatoes and a beer. Yummy!! Condiments and dill pickles were included. The pickle was incredible.

quick lunch with blood sausage and potatoes @Gdansk

I stopped for ice cream at Paulo Gelateria and the various home-made flavors are unique. Also liquid chocolate is drizzled in the cone before the ice cream goes on top. Mmhh, so good!

stopping for ice cream at Paulo’s Gelateria @Gdansk

Don’t miss out on the numerous waffles stands. The two I tried were both delicious although I would ask for less whipped cream next time.

waffle with blueberry jam and whipped cream @Gdansk

Another dinner, just not as fancy as the first one, I stopped at Familia Bistro, a Lithuanian restaurant, and had a delicious cold beet soup and mantas (looked like this) which didn’t taste good.

cold borscht @Gdansk

I stopped at Café Ferber in Sopot for a slice of ‘Ferber Cake’. The first couple of bites were delicious, then it starts to feel too rich. But it doesn’t matter if you can’t finish it, you should at least try it.

signature cake of Café Ferber @ Sopot

The oldest restaurant in Gdansk was my place of choice for the last dinner. Restaurant Kubicki was a smart choice for good food. Presentation was not their forte and sometimes the dish was a bit different from described, but the food was fresh and well prepared. The lard which was served as amuse gueule was lovely but disappeared as soon as the starter arrived.

amuse gueule @kubicki

Herring tartare on green peas puree @Kubicki

Halibut on baked potatos with dill and caper sauce @Kubicki

My train was leaving Gdansk in the late afternoon and as not to starve while traveling through the night I decided on a late lunch. I had passed Targ Rybny restaurant a couple of times and it looked totally inviting. Finally I sat down to bouillabaisse and cod filet. My eyes were as usual bigger than my stomach. Portions are big in Poland, I have to keep that in mind.

bouillabaisse @Targ Rybny restaurant

grilled cod with mashed potatoes and shrimp sauce @Targ Rybny restaurant


  1. Can only agree, there are so much food to try out when visiting Poland. However, I fell for one of the simpler foods, the pirogi. :)

    • I tried the Lithuanian version of them which didn’t impress me much. But you are totally right, pirogi are usually wonderfull!

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