Sights outside of Gdansk

Not only is there so much to see in Gdansk but also in the surrounding area. While I spent my long weekend in Gdansk I had time for two trips. Take your time with these, you can definitely calculate half a day for each. Actually longer for the beach trip when the weather allows. You won’t get bored.

My first tour took me to the Westerplatte, the actual site where WWII started. I was traveling in style and boarded one of the available pirate ships to get there. How I loved the idea of traveling on a pirate ship; in the end it only looked like one from the outside and had nothing in common with the real deal (not that I have ever been on a pirate ship, but you know …). Nonetheless it worked as transportation mode and saw me and countless others to the peninsula.

pirate ship @Gdansk

From the landing-place it is a good 15-20 minutes walk until you arrive at the former barracks and a good deal further until the monument. In between is an exhibition about the first battle in detail. Seeing the shells of the houses drives home the horrible aggression with which it all began.

former guardhouse on Westerplatte @Gdansk

WWII monument on the Westerplatte @Gdansk

My second trip was to Sopot, a beach resort near Gdansk. With the regional train from the main train station in Gdansk it was easy to reach. Buy your tickets at the underground counter to the right of the main station.

main train station @Gdansk

Just 20 minutes later you arrive in a different world. A long promenade leads directly to the beach and once I saw the pier I was reminded of endless old movies. I loved that so many people were in their bathing costumes while I was glad again to wear jeans. It was quite fresh with a stiff breeze. It all reminded me of my trip to De Haan last year. As it should since both beaches are in the north. I found a wind-protected spot on the pier and tanked some much-needed vitamin D.

promenade leading up to the waterfront @Sopot

sandy beach @Sopot

there are also some sidearmes to this pier @Sopot

I was happy I managed these two trips. With more time I would have liked to see Malbork Castle, which is about an hour by train from Gdansk. Yours, Pollybert

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