The doors of Gdansk

Gdansk is full of fascinating doors and I clicked away while walking through the city. I found some very colorful ones which reminded me of the doors in Dublin. Most had an intricate design and formidable pillars though. Please enjoy the full bounty of Gdansk with me. Yours, Pollybert

one lonely manhole cover next to all the doors @Gdansk


  1. many doors and all had “intricate design”

    waiting for you on my blog:

  2. Why is this manhole cover lonely? Does it need another manhole cover or even a womanhole cover to be happy? 😉 I noticed two doors with an arrow on them – do you know the meaning of it?

    • No idea why there were arrows. But I noticed them as well. The loneliness of the manhole cover stems from it being alone with all those doors.

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