Things to do in Opatija

So once you are in Opatija, what is there to do besides the beach? Opatija has a lot to offer, although of course the beach is the main attraction. At least it was for me. Living in a country with no access to sea, a day on the beach is a memory you retrieve on dreary winter days. So here is a list of what you can do in Opatija. Yours, Pollybert

1.) Enjoy the beach: despite the rocky coast there are a couple of natural coves. My preferred beach though was a man-made structure. The Hotel Belvedere has seen better times (probably a lot better times) but they have sun loungers available, a shower, a changing area and all other necessary facilities. Best of all they also rent umbrellas!

almost a sandy beach @Opatija

shingle beach behind the Hotel Belvedere @Opatija

sun lounging area of the Hotel Belvedere @Opatija

2.) Soak up the historic atmosphere: as a Viennese I know what it means to still live of the Habsburg even though we kicked them out ages ago. The Croatians are not so different. We were all part of the same empire.

Pollybert with the Emperor @Opatija

3.) Take long walks along the beach: okay there is no beach to walk on, but there is a really long promenade that you can stroll along.And there is always a little bit of shade in between.

4.) Go stand-up paddling: There is a beautiful old house right next to the water which also rents boards and other equipment. We were even lucky enough to get a tour of the house.

rental place for water sport equipment @Opatija

5.) Sit down for coffee and an orange juice: numerous coffee houses with terraces line the main street and entice you to sit down and while the time away.

coffee and fresh orange juice @Opatija

6.) Discover the unique Istrian cuisine: the mix of fresh seafood and Italian cuisine is interesting. Portions are huge and get their own twist.

Vitello tonnato @Opatija

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