What I learned in Opatija

I would not have thought that a three-day weekend in Opatija would warrant a “What I learned in …” post. But while writing the last couple of days the short trip came back in such vivid details that I figured I have something to say. There is always something new one learns while away. So here we go, this is what I learned while in Opatija. Yours, Pollybert

1.) The coast of the upper Adriatic sea is rocky. An investment in a pair of water shoes goes a long way.

on the beach with my new shoes @Opatija

2.) Traveling on a bus for more than six hours is torture. Next time I will take the train for such a distance. Having said that, I really like the enforced stillness of a bus travel. So much extra time to read.

3.) Traveling alone and then meeting friends at your destination is not the same as traveling alone.

4.) Instead of doors I took pictures of wrought-iron garden gates. Also lovely, so maybe I have to branch out. Will give it a thought.

5.) It’s not a great idea to always visit the same restaurant while on a trip (see number 3).

6.) I hadn’t realized how comfortable a hammock was until I had one for myself.

just for me and what a view @Opatija

7.) Off-season in Opatija really means off-season. I saw lots of trendy clubs and I am sure in summer time they are packed. But while I was there was only a black void. Good music though.

8.) My toes look definitely better with nail polish on them.

9.) Coffee tastes so much better when there is some salt in the air.

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