It is most exciting when a new bar/restaurant opens in Vienna. Even better when the two are combined. This happened just recently with the newly opened Spelunke. Spelunke in German means pub with a more than doubtful reputation, mostly in harbors or other seedy areas. Not a place where you want to go or be seen.

The one here in Vienna is definitely a place where you want to be seen. Both times I was in the Spelunke, the place was packed. At the opening night I came for a drink and stayed at the bar. I love this bar. It’s smack-dab in the middle of the room and you can place yourself on all sides. The drink I ordered on that first evening was a Gin Fizz or so (can’t really remember but it was a signature drink) and super boring.

Which didn’t prevent my returning to test the kitchen and the wine. The house white wine was excellent, really loved it and can whole-heartedly recommend it. We were seated in the music library which my friends found a bit drafty. It’s probably better behind the bar. The seating was comfortable and lightning good, until it got dimmed and the music increased. 8:30 is maybe a bit early?

music library @Spelunke

The menu looked enticing, lots of option although to me there is no red line visible. It’s a mix of seafood, Asian and Austrian food. Not fusion, just everything next to each other. But whatever works best for them. I ordered a grilled prawns and calamari salad with marinated fennel, oranges, pomegranate seeds and dill. Everything that was mentioned on the menu was also on the plate, just as a miniature portion. The dish itself was absolutely fabulous. Maybe that’s why I was so unhappy that I had not more of it.

grilled prawn and calamari salad @Spelunke

Funnily enough the chicken breast was just called that and made no mention of any side dishes or way of preparation. It came with croquettes, a creamy sauce and maybe broccoli. And my friend loved it!

chicken breast @Spelunke

Last but not least also had one person who tried a soup. Creamy pumpkin coco soup with prawns and snow peas. The soup pleased as well and everything that was listed was in the bowl.

creamy pumpkin soup with prawns @Spelunke

Service was attentive and endearing (our waiter kneeled almost while taking our order) and on the other hand totally uncoordinated. Why not tell first what has been eaten up? Also love it when someone takes an order and then said drinks never show since the sever was not responsible for our table. Any reason not to mention that? Last but not least, just putting the bill on the table and letting us scrabble on how to split it … We don’t do that here in Vienna. And when I mentioned that there was an item on the bill which we didn’t have and no apology is forthcoming that’s also saying something.

Probably it is just starting problems and it will iron itself out in a couple of weeks. Let’s give this one some time and then maybe I will try it again. The food after all was wonderful. But let’s not forget the issue with the noise level. Okay, the music. While I love music in a bar, I do like to chat with my friends when I dine though. So maybe after all it will just be drinks for me again. Yours, Pollybert

1020 Wien, Tabor Straße 1
Tel: +43 1 2124151
Email: ahoi@spelunke.at
Mon-Sun: 11:00-02:00 (from 20.11.startting at 08:00)
Kitchen 11:00-23:30

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