Where and what to eat and drink in Malta (or to avoid)

First and foremost Malta has pastizzi to die for. Besides this revelation of a savoury pastry the island has other interesting dishes on offer. Of course there is a lot of Italian influence but they do have some typical Maltese fare.

pea and ricotta pastizzi @Malta

Like rabbit for example, which I had at the Trabuxu bistro. You really need to make a reservation here, this place was booked. We only got a table because we came early. But it was outside and temperatures, as nice as they are during the day, are low at night. Still we manged to enjoy a lovely meal of fish soup and rabbit as well as fried zucchini balls and ravioli. It was all delicious and we washed it down with G&T.

rabbit with roasted potatoes @Trabuxu

ravioli with ricotta @Trabuxu

A rather forgettable dinner was at Angelica which boasts that Jamie Oliver raved about their rabbit. I am not sure what this says about Jamie Oliver because the food was absolutely terrible. At least mine which I sent back after two bites. I had ordered their version of moussaka which consisted of an undercooked aubergine and fennel seasoned ground beef. I shared a bit of my friend’s ricotta dish (if you get the impression that she ate that a lot, you are correct) but was happy to get another G&T at Yard 32 afterwards. This Gin bar made me so happy and the service provided was excellent. Loved how knowledgeable the bar tenders were about the available gins.

Gin & Tonic from Yard 32 @Malta

I had stuffed octopus at Ir-Rizzu in Marsaxlokk. Inside it looked more like a train station restaurant and outside it was the only restaurant not next to the water. But the locals go there and that was good enough for me. The meat was tender and the stuffing with tuna well-balanced.

stuffed octopus @Ir-Rizzu

But the most memorable dinner was on our last evening when decided to just go for pizza. Again we got lucky because the place was booked but we got a table for exactly one hour and this was enough for pizza. Sotto Pizzeria is a basement restaurant which you probably wouldn’t bother to go. But you shouldn’t miss it while in Valetta. Yours, Pollybert

best pizza in town @Sotto Pizzeria

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