More impressions from Malta

The weekend was way to short to explore and we haven’t even made our way to Gozo. Still, we got a good first impression. I have to go back again, this is my conclusion after three days. We missed half of what’s to see on Malta alone and I also need time to explore the beaches in detail. Not just the historic sites which are numerous, there are beaches in abundance. Not sure when I will find the time again but it is on my list. And usually I am good at scratching things of my lists. so it will happen eventually that I come back to Malta. Until then I have these pictures to remind me how beautiful it is. Yours, Pollybert

streets in Mdina @Malta

Siege Bell Memorial for WWII @Malta

a view all the way down to the sea @Malta

I wonder if these were done after real models @Malta

Valetta after the rain @Malta

parliament built by Renzo Piano @Malta

always wanted to do that, it’s like in the movies @Malta

local produce market in Rabat @Malta

no one knows what to do when it rains @Malta

there is life after death as can be seen in the catacombs @Malta

“red light district” in Valetta @Malta

view from the Uppar Barrakka Garden @Malta

there is always someone watching over one’s luzzu @Malta

deli bar in Rabat hence the sandwhich can’t be any fresher @Malta

more stairs in Valetta @Malta

sunset over the harbor from Valetta @Malta

always displaying proudly the Maltese cross

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