A week on Zakynthos

When you look out the window and it’s pitch black (that was a great movie by the way!) already at 4pm, then it is time to write about something sunny. Like a week spent in Zakynthos last June. Probably you will spend most of your time at the beach. But if you are in the mood for something else, here are a couple of suggestions. Yours, Pollybert

Zakynthos is one of the bigger Ionian Islands and is especially known for its Shipwreck Beach (aka Navagio beach). You should go and see it from the top as well as from below. There are tons of boats going to this beach, so you won’t be alone. But it is still a must see.

Navagio or shipwreck beach @Zakynthos

shipwreck beach @Zakynthos

Since it is a big island it makes sense to rent a car and explore what the island has to offer. We did just that and drove north to Agios Nikolaos. From there we took a boat to the beach above but also to see the Blue Caves. Another major highlight of Zakynthos. Through some you can also swim. The water is absolutely stunning there, so turquoise that you think yourself in the Caribbean.

blue caves @Zakynthos

blue caves @Zakynthos

Zakynthos is also famous for its turtles. You can either catch a glimpse of them swimming in the sea (by taking another boat on the south-east side of the island) or you are lucky enough to catch them while they are hatching. We did neither but we saw their nests on the beach which were easy to spot due to the wooden structure on top.

main nesting beach for turtles @Zakynthos

To get your culture fix drive up to the Monastery of St. George and wander around the old buildings. The tower was built against the pirates but why bells are hanging from a tree in front of the monastery wasn’t explained. Still it looked interesting.

entrance to the Monastery of St. George @Zakynthos

tower against pirates @Zakynthos

the Monastery of St. George @Zakynthos

the bells in front of St. George Monastery @Zakynthos

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