What I learned in 2017

2017 was a difficult year for the world and brought a lot of changes. For my own year I am happy to say I loved it. Looking back now this year again I learned a lot about myself but I also had new experiences which were awesome. So let’s dive right into it. Here is what I learned in the past year and an outlook on 2018. Wishing you all a wonderful new year! Yours, Pollybert

1.) I managed to travel every single month. This resolution from 2016 was finally achieved. It feels great and was also wonderful to do. Traveling is just the best.

2.) I love my family (and my extended one) and I even traveled with my brother twice this year. But there comes a time when you realize not everyone is on board and that you have to let people go. It’s painful but there is also relief mixed into it. I’m tired of thinking about something that can’t be changed by me and have therefore decided I will not be stressed by it anymore.

3.) I love writing this blog and I love seeing from where in the world people come and look at what I write. This really gives me pleasure and I am working on becoming better at it.

4.) My friends are precious. 2017 saw some reconnecting to friends from ages ago and it’s wonderful to see that nothing has changed. We still have the best of times together even though some of you I only see virtually.

5.) Meditation is beyond me. Maybe I have to give it another try but the one experience I had put me off for a while. There is just so much else going on in my head.

6.) Health is important. All of a sudden I reached an age where a little pain here and there puts me out of sync. Unfortunately I see the same in my friends and we officially are at an age where we talk less about men and more about other stuff. Adulthood is finally upon us.

7.) Nature gets more and more important. My trekking in China, the five days in Iceland, all of that shows me that I re-charge my batteries when outside. I will have to try to do the same while in Vienna. There is no need to go away to find nature. Vienna has some special places as well.

8.) Me-time is special. I spend so much time with other people so that the few hours I have to myself are important. Also I want to get another trip alone into my planning for 2018.

9.) My reading challenge didn’t work out but fortunately I also didn’t feel stressed about it. I quite liked crossing some items off the list but in the long run I just love to read what I want. That doesn’t mean that I won’t do another challenge this year.

10.) I depleted my savings account with my trips and it was so worth it. Still, have to try to be better again with my money managing skills. There are some awesome trips coming up in 2018.

11.) I lost my running partner because she moved to another district. And I have become lazy since then. This needs to change in the new year. My motivation is definitely here because I know how I looked at the beach. So just wait for it, sportswise 2018 will be my year.

12.) Learning Norwegian and then actually understanding something while visiting Oslo made me so happy. I want to keep that up and also improve my Spanish skills. Will need them shortly.

13.) Shorter hair looks way better on me. I really should go every six month instead of only when my reflection tells me that the look doesn’t work anymore.

14.) Gin Tonic makes for some pretty amazing evenings. Always a drink for special occasions and a shout out here to my Canadian supplier! Ungava Gin is my absolute favorite! Thank you!

15.) Reading back on ‘What I learned in 2016’ I notice that not much has changed from the last year. You know what though, it’s okay that I repeat myself. Life is a daily lesson and needs to be appreciated for what it is. It is challenging and difficult and wonderful in all its imperfections. Live it well!


  1. You better hurry up with Spanish! I rely on you 😉

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