A weekend in Olomouc

Two hours from Vienna lies Olomouc, a small baroque city in Czech Republic. If you take the bus though it’s more like four hours. Still a bus trip comfortable and terrible convenient when you don’t want to drive.

Besides the town center of Olomouc you can also visit the Hradisko Monastery. This came highly recommended but I didn’t make there. While I was there the weather was terrible and I decided that after every church I am entitled to a coffee and/or cake break. Very soon this turned into a beer. Honestly, one has to keep oneself motivated, no?

Anyway, Olomouc offers enough despite being a small town. Even a Unesco World Heritage site in form of a Trinity Column. So while in Olomouc I visited every church, circled the many squares and walked through the narrow, crooked alleys. Besides this I sampled the local cuisine and was impressed. I also read a lot while there. As I said the weather was not my friend on this weekend.

I can’t really remember the names of the churches I saw, neither what the squares are called or the cobbled street. But I can provide you with an impression of Olomouc and I am sure you will agree with me that it is worth a visit. Yours, Pollybert

Holy Trinity column @Olomouc

one of the many beautiful squares @Olomouc

fountain with typical houses @Olomouc

endless squares @Olomouc

building details @Olomouc

absolutely delicious pancakes @Olomouc

empty streets @Olomouc

more empty streets @Olomouc

architectural details @Olomouc

St. Wenceslas’ Cathedral @Olomouc


  1. pretty but a ghost town – no people around 😉

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