An Nam

Vietnamese restaurants are popping up left and right in Vienna and since my love for Asian food is well-known I try to visit and taste my way through all of them. An Nam is a new place and not a lot of people have discovered it so far. This was noticeable since we had the restaurant almost to ourselves. Which was weird to be honest because the place is, contrary to Vietnamese standards, big and there is not a lot of plastic in sight. All tables were ready for diners,  with nice wine glasses and porcelain dishes. Still, the place was empty (and we had called ahead to make a reservation).

Completely out of the norm for any Vietnamese place I have ever been to this place started with an amuse gueule, which was slices of well marinated roast beef. Very delicious!

amuse gueule @An Nam

We then each had a starter, my friend a spicy soup more in the direction of Thai food and I had the obligatory spring rolls. Both dishes were nice and well presented. I was a bit underwhelmed by the rolls since they were filled with a lot of rice noodles. I prefer it when herbs and other greens make up the majority of the filling.

fresh spring rolls @An Nam

Tamarind soup @An Nam

And now I have to say I am sorry because this is it with the pictures. I just forgot about taking them and started to eat. My friend had the fried rolls as main dish while I tried duck with pak choi and a fried lotus chips as garnish. I had to laugh because the duck breast came with its bones which is exactly how they would serve it in Vietnam. The meat was tender and juicy and perfectly seasoned. The bones were tedious to remove but so authentic. I think the rolls were good, can’t remember if my friend said anything about it.

I find An Nam an interesting change to all the other Vietnamese places in Vienna. The restaurant definitely caters more to the upmarket clients and brings it to the table with attentive service (hopefully still so when the place is full) and authentic food. There is room for improvement when I think about the fresh spring rolls but the taste definitely works in their favor. Yours, Pollybert

An Nam
1070 Wien, Zieglergasse 13
Mon-Sat: 11:30-15:00, 18:00-23:00
Tel: +431 990 73 93

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