Into the Water by Paula Hawkins: The follow-up to ‘The Girl on the Train‘ is actually better than the much hyped first book. At least in my humble opinion. I listened to it as audio book and I liked the manifold characters and their chapters. The story develops slowly and I got sucked into the drowning pool mystery. That not all things are cleared up, or at least spelled out, is not what I want in a book. I love it when the ending is clear. Still, it was a very entertaining read.


Der Klang der Fremde by Kim Thúy: this was a Christmas gift from a friend which was in my mail shortly before my trip to Vietnam. I started to read it in Hue and over the next couple of days always got some pages in. It is written in such a way that it makes sense to do it like this. The horror of the war and beauty of the survival or rather the welcome in their new home gets a lot more intense when taken in small doses. It stays with you and resonates long after have finished it.


Wait for You by J. Lynn: this YA book is not a trilogy but actually offers five books or so. Not really sure and will only read as far as I enjoy them. The first one was quite nice. I loved the chemistry between Avery Cam and their background stories. Also could understand why they didn’t tell some things. This is usually my main problem that I can’t get the teenage angst anymore. But not in this case. Can’t wait for book two.


Trust in Me (Wait for You 1.5) by J. Lynn: this is ‘Wait for you’ (book 1) from his point of view. Definitely not necessary since it doesn’t add anything to the story. Still I am glad I read it so at least now I know that I don’t need to read the rest of the .5 from the ‘Wait for you’ series. It was a quick read though. I found it online and read it in one go.


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