On a motorbike through Vietnam (part 1)

The title is actually misleading because we only did a three-day tour along the Ho Chi Minh trail. But boy was this motorbike tour amazing. So I don’t want to belittle it by saying only. According to Phuoc, our easyrider, the Ho Chi Minh trail is among the loveliest areas for a motorbike tour.

Which I can confirm since I have done it twice. Phuoc picked us up in the morning all ready to start day. My brother would ride on his own while I was going to ride shotgun with Phuoc. I love to sit in the back and take pictures of everything around. So easy and convenient and no stress for me.

Phouc with Pollybert @Vietnam

The three-day tour would take us from Dong Hoi to Phong Nha, the next day to Khe Sanh and it was to end in HuĂ©. Along the way to our first stop we got a biology lesson by looking at a pepper and a rubber tree. I am sure rubber trees I have seen before but the pepper was new to me. It’s really tasty and has only a slight hint of spice (because of course I had to try it).

pepper tree @Vietnam

fresh pepper still on the tree @Vietnam

Arriving in the area of Phong Nha we drove directly to The Duck Stop. This farm wants you to relive your childhood and all its feelings again. While I didn’t care about the ducks (although I heard it is super fun!) I went for a ride on Donald Trump, the water buffalo. When was the last time you did something for the first time? So much fun and Donald was a totally smooth ride.

The Duck Stop in Phong Nha @Vietnam

riding the Donald @Phong Nha

After a couple more dirt roads (where I had to get off and walk) and a photo stop we visited Paradise Cave. Even though I saw it already two years ago it was again breath-taking to look at it. You can do so as well here. I think it has something majestic about and one can almost believe in a creator.

the dirt roads of Phong Nha @Vietnam

photo stop: Pollybert and family @Phong Nha

Paradise Cave @Phong Nha

water image in Paradise Cave @Phong Nha

The road into town is so typical for this area with karst mountains all the way to the horizon. You really want to stop here for a while and take a breather. The arrival in the town was timed with school’s out. Take a look here.

the road to Phong Nha @Vietnam

Not for us though, we were on the road again the next day going down the Ho Chi Minh trail all the way to Khe Sanh. Yours, Pollybert

PS: I have uploaded a couple of videos on my Youtube channel from the trail.

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