Be with Me (Wait for You 2) by J. Lynn: Tess, Cam’s (from book 1) sister, is now the main character and Jase, his best friend. I guess you never know what’s behind a person’s life until you get to know them better. Same goes for these characters. Although the stuff that has happened to them in young years makes one want to doubt one’s own unremarkable life. Still as far as stories go, this one was okay. Liked the first one better, but of course will go on to book three.

Stay with Me (Wait for You 3) by J. Lynn: YA romance is really the best for the beach but it’s also lovely to read on the plane. Part 3 of the ‘Wait for you’ is already a little bit stale though I am all for it now and just want to finish it. The romance between Calla and Jax has a bit more than the usual problems. It also involves shooting and drugs. Not the stuff one normally reads in these books. Still, it reads quick and keeps you entertained.

Fall With Me (Wait for You 4) by J. Lynn: Part 4 of the ‘Wait for you’ series is getting a bit stale. Sill, once I am committed I go on reading. I just wish the plot would not be so far-fetched. Even the love story is less entertaining than the others. Maybe because the hero is a cop? Never had a thing for them. Uniform though? Yes, I am all for it. Make it a firefighter though the next time.


Fortress Malta: An Island Under Siege 1940-1943 by James Holland: Having been to Malta and appreciating its beauty this book came as quite a surprise. WWII history has never been my forte, so maybe this counts as an excuse that I never heard of Malta’s role in the war. The story of the siege leaves you breathless. Malta endured more bombs than London during the Blitz. For three years people on the island fought against overwhelming odds to stay alive. Countless of them gave their lives so that Malta remained a British bastion in the Mediterranean. From here the biggest amphibious invasion in the history of warfare started. Impressive read!

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