Breakfast at Florentin

When long-standing breakfast places in my area close I am always a little bit sad. But when in its stead another one opens I have to try it. Florentin goes for the Middle Eastern approach and brings the lifestyle of Tel Aviv to Vienna.

We were a large group and had the extra room to the right. It has a beautiful mural on the wall and makes you feel as if you are sitting somewhere along the beach in Tel Aviv. I can confirm it, it does look like this there. The only disadvantage is that the room is cool and drafty.

extra room @Florentin Wien

I arrived a bit late and the girls had already ordered quite a bit. The Israeli breakfast look enticing but didn’t get good reviews. Too bland and boring didn’t do it for me. I therefore ordered the Avo Avi, an avocado toast with eggs.

breakfast @Florentin Wien

Avocado toast have become quite a standard feature in breakfast places around Vienna. It’s almost like an invasion and I don’t really want to think about the ecological impact that all these avocados have.

The toasted bread was crunchy, the avocado cream slightly sour and the eggs perfectly cooked and covered both slices of bread. All in all a respectable breakfast. Loved the pink grapefruit juice, exactly my kind of morning drink.

Avo Avi breakfast @Florentin Wien

The menu sounds interesting, not just for breakfast. Definitely a place which needs another chance for lunch or dinner. Breakfast itself didn’t convince me enough, to put it in my rotation for favorite places. Yours, Pollybert

1090 Wien, Berggasse 8
Tel: +43 676 7355625
Mon-Sun: 08:00-23:00

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