Pop Up: The Velvet Room

Last Saturday I was out with friends and we went for a drink to The Velvet Room. The Velvet Room is a pop-up bar which will be available in this form until April 2nd, 2018. A cabinet-maker worked before in these rooms and it’s unbelievable that such a gem has been hidden.

Right away when you enter you see a huge closed-up fireplace on your right side and a set of stairs on your left.

the fireplace seen from the balustrade @The Velvet Room

Since it is a pop-up bar it’s not heated and there are not a lot of seats. We kept standing along the balustrade like a committee to greet the guests.

out and about in Vienna @The Velvet Room

The place is decorated with all kinds of stuff from Disney figures to old boxes and dog pictures.

pictures on the wall @The Velvet Room

The balloons are used as indicator to let the server know where to bring the “Haute Dogs”.

menu @The Velvet Room

The menu sounds absolutely delicious and has been highly praised. Too bad then that from the review to our visit the prices and the menu combinations have changed. The “Haute Dog” we tried was called Maurice and comes with pulled pork, jalapeno, cucumber, peanuts and coriander. The hot dog tastes good (good not great) but doesn’t come with fries anymore. Instead it is served with chili popcorn. Sorry, but for 8,- Euro that’s a bit steep. Especially considering the size of the hot dog. The dog was gone in three bites.

“Haute Dog” Maurice @The Velvet Room

We stuck to beer after and decided to skip dinner. I even forewent my regular Spritzer since the ratio of drink and price didn’t work in my favor at all.

The location is great though and as long as it is open you should use the chance to see such an amazing place from the inside. Music and beer are lovely. And after a while you get used to standing around in your coat. Yours, Pollybert

The Velvet Room
1050 Wien, Schloßgasse 14
Tel: +43 676 376 03 19
Tue-Sat: 17:30-23:00

DJ up on the next level @The Velvet Room

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