American Gods by Neil Gaiman : This is story about the war between all the gods in America. The old ones who came even before the first known settlers and the new ones like tv and media. The concept was weird to me at first that the gods were populating America like regular humans. But it was fun to hear the background stories of how they came to be on this continent and who brought them over. The story didn’t make sense to me. Still, it was nice to listen to it. Maybe I expect less from audio books?

Dream Of You (Wait for Your 4.5) by J. Lynn: The male character here is the brother of the hero of book 4. This one was not really worth my time especially since I didn’t read it at the beach in one go, but rather in dreary Vienna in countless late night bed sessions. So not worth loosing sleep over it, on the other hand very short and still not a page turner. What can I say? Once committed to a series I just keep on going.

Forever with You (Wait for Your 5) by J. Lynn : the last book in the wait for you series is also one of the better ones. The main characters are already known from the previous books and I love their story of getting together. It’s believable but then drifts into romanticized mush. But aren’t a ll love stories the same in this? The series is nicely concluded and all characters are there for a happy ending. What more do you want?

Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon: Imagine living your whole life inside your house. Never being able to leave, to breathe fresh air or just do whatever everyone else is doing. All of this is not important until a new neighbor moves in next door. And all of a sudden the world outside got a lot more exciting. I loved the story of Maddy and Olly. Both of characters are charming and well drawn. The book itself reads quick and easy. The perfect companion for a trip to Shetland.

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