More impressions of Shetland

Shetland is such a beautiful island! If you ever get the chance to go there you should grab it with both hands. The idea to visit the festival of Up Helly Aa simmered for two years until I found someone who didn’t think it was crazy to fly there at the end of January.

Pollybert and X @Shetland

And what a great idea it was! During these five days we drove up and down the island and tried to cram as much as possible into the daylight hours. And it was so worth it! The island beguiles with its rough edges and the charm of the locals. Please enjoy these pictures with me. A big thank you to X for sharing his pictures! Yours, Pollybert

somewhere near Voe @Shetland

from St. Ninian to the mainland @Shetland

near Loch Spiggie @Shetland

Muckle Roe @Shetland

waiting for the band on Up Helly Aa @Shetland

the beach of Muckle Roe @Shetland

near the Sumburgh lighthouse @Shetland

my only door picture from Shetland

need to make a call? @Shetland

real Shetland beer @Shetland

the lighthouse of Eshaness @Shetland

enjoying a bit of sunshine @Shetland

that’s the only puffin I saw @Shetland

evening light on St. Ninian’s beach @Shetland

a lonely road @Shetland

flying home @Shetland

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