Street art of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands

All over Ecuador but also on the Galapagos I saw lots of graffiti. These murals are more street art than any kind of vandalism. Most of them are very detailed and exact. They almost appear like paintings. Everyone who has one of these on the wall should be more than happy.

Besides graffiti also political messages get spray painted on the walls. And in Quito we also found some mask standing around on the streets. Definitely a picture moment, don’t you think? Yours, Pollybert

a construction site wall @Ecuador

a snowman in Cuenca @Ecuador

detail on a facade @Ecuador

this angel looks like the devil @Ecuador

death comes in all forms @Ecuador

Llama in Guayaquil

increase responsibility, lower your speed @Galapagos Islands

palm trees on a skateboard ramp @Galapagos Islands

one picture says it all @Galapagos Islands

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