Tiger restaurant

Vietnamese restaurants come in all forms and sizes. In Vietnam as well as in Vienna. Tiger restaurant doesn’t really deserve the name restaurant because it’s a large food stall with a couple of tables. Recently I had a fun evening with some friends and we went there for dinner. Not something you would usually do. Tiger restaurant is definitely more a take-away or “let’s grab a bite to eat” place. So I wouldn’t again schedule a dinner there, but I would definitely hop in for something to eat while in the area.

Tiger restaurant @Vienna

Since everything is cooked to order the food is fresh. This is also clearly visible by the amount of salad and herbs displayed in the open “kitchen”.

We opted for cabbage salad with chicken as a starter. The mix of green cabbage, carrots, roasted onions, mint, cilantro and lots of peanuts on top was wonderful. You don’t even need the chicken and the omelette. It doesn’t really do much to enhance the taste. The only thing I minded was the rather strong garlic taste. I can’t remember any dish in Vietnam where garlic was so dominant.

cabbage salad with chicken @Tiger restaurant

As main dish I chose Pho, the typical Vietnamese noodle soup. If I want to be picky here I have to say I missed the lime. At Tiger restaurant it was served with a slice of lemon but the standard herbs and bean sprouts were served along. There were also quite lot of spring onions in the soup. The taste was on the light side as if it had been diluted with too much water. Overall it was delicious though and a nice portion.

Pho with beef @Tiger restaurant

The curry soup with rice, coconut milk, carrots, potatoes and peanuts came with chicken (also available with beef or tofu) and was obviously delicious. My friend ate it with gusto. She let me try though and I had to agree with her. Although the color was a bit weak, the taste was there and the portion so big that she asked for a doggy bag.

Curry soup @Tiger restaurant

We also ordered some spring rolls and unfortunately they were the weakest dish. We got them with beef and peanut sauce. I think what disappointed me was the amount of rice noodles within the roll. Usually it should be lots of herbs and salad and only a bit of noodles. Too bad that the ratio was off though. The taste was there but got overwhelmed by the bland noodles.

spring rolls with beef @Tiger restaurant

Overall a really nice choice for Vietnamese food when the fancy takes you. Service is quick and attentive. And prices are more than reasonable. Definitely a place I will go to. Yours, Pollybert

Tiger restaurant
1070 Wien, Burggasse 20
Tel: +43 650 5502127
Mon-Fri: 11:30-22:00, Sat-Sun: 16:00-22:00

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