Arriving on San Cristobal

The idea to travel to the Galapagos Islands came from my friend as I have already told you. The Galapagos Islands are a must-see, at least that’s what every guidebook and bucket list tells you. So who am I to say anything different? And you know what? I totally agree with everybody else who tells you that you have to see the Galapagos! The islands are absolutely stunning!

Arriving on San Cristobal after a short flight from Guayaquil was like landing in a different world. And not only because there is an extra fee to pay and a screening of your luggage to enter this national park. Looking out from the hotel window I had the feeling I had landed in paradise. Blue sky, the sea, a surfboard which indicated that there must be some surfer dudes around, and lots of boats to go snorkeling or diving with.

the pier of San Cristobal

While walking through the village to grab a quick lunch, I noticed sea lions snoring in the shade. I mean they were just next to me. Really unbelievable! But the best was yet to come. We rented bicycles and pedaled out to La Lobería. This little beach was my first impression on what the Galapagos Islands had in store for me. Sea lions left and right, water turtles and lots of fish while snorkeling and some surfers further out catching the waves. Unfortunately I have no underwater pictures, so you have to trust me on this. And the surfers were too far out (but I have a little video). I do have lots of pictures of sea lions and other animals on land. As well as a couple of videos on my Youtube page.

proud sea lion @Galapagos Islands

looks tasty the crab but you are not allowed to eat it @Galapagos Islands

catching some sun @Galapagos Islands

nap time @Galapagos Islands

selfie with sea lions @Galapagos Islands

stretching @Galapagos Islands

ready to pose @Galapagos Islands

first sighting of an iguana @Galapagos Islands

All this animal watching didn’t stop with leaving the beach. But first we deserved a beer for this long day. It was glorious to sit in the setting sun and just relax for a bit.

sunset on San Cristobal @Galapagos Islands

When we later walked home after dinner we noticed that the sea lions also went to sleep. Yours, Pollybert

sleep tight @Galapagos Islands

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