One of my favorite restaurants in Vienna is Mochi. Whenever I go there I leave with a good feeling. The food is excellent, every single time. And since you have to reserve so long in advance I usually go with a group of friends. So the company is great as well.

The restaurant is tiny and the one-room concept includes the kitchen. So I am happy to report that the stove hoods are working well. There is only a faint cooking smell in the room. The lighting is rather dark with only lamp over each table. Excellent on a date night, rather hard for reading the menu.

The other day we were again at Mochi and I started my evening with the spinach salad. The baby spinach with miso dressing is just to die for and I love the combination.

spinach salad @Mochi

The salad was a hit and was ordered thrice. Therefore the only other starter on our table was pimientos de padron, the little green peppers. nothing can go wrong here, they are always yummy.

pimientos de padron @Mochi

As a main dish I went for the tori Karaage or crispy chicken, which comes with a small portion of excellent cabbage salad and fried chicken with chili mayo. I honestly like the cabbage salad better than the chicken. It is so much more refined. Don’t get me wrong, the chicken is great but compared to the salad it is just deep-fried chicken while the salad wows me with its display of flavors.

crispy chicken with cabbage salad @Mochi

With lent going on some of us are a lot stricter and more consequent. So we had another starter as main dish, the Brussels sprouts. The sprouts are roasted and seasoned with lime, peanuts and coriander. A hit every time. Why do they never turn out like this at home?

Brussels sprouts @Mochi

Mochi of course is best known for its take on traditional Japanese cuisine and I am glad someone at least ordered rolls. The spicy salmon rolls were tasty but lacked the punch in the spice department.

spicy salmon roll @Mochi Wien

Service is quick and friendly. I have one caveat though. Check you bill before you go. I paid my stuff and only noticed at home that it could not have been correct. Too bad that I didn’t check it immediately, I paid for at least two more drinks. Also I sent a message via Instagram about it on the same evening and never heard back.

I do like this place, I really enjoy the food and it is always a treat to spend an evening here. There is now a certain feeling of mistrust though and I hate it that I will have to check my bill. Yours, Pollybert

1020 Wien, Praterstraße 15
Tel: +43 1 9251380
Mon-Sat: 11:30-22:00

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